No Corkage Wedding Venues

Supply Your Own Drinks Option

We give you the option to supply your own daytime wedding drinks and we do not, never ever, apply a corkage charge!

What is Corkage?

Corkage is a charge applied applied to any drinks you supply for your own wedding. This is sometimes a flat fee but more often, it's a charge applied per drink and it can mount up!

You can supply your own daytime drinks at all of our no corkage wedding venues and we do not apply any corkage or service charges.

When Are My Drinks Served?

If you book one of our no corkage wedding venues and opt to supply your own wedding drinks, you're welcome to supply all the drinks for your Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast.

The Drinks Reception takes place immediately after your ceremony and usually lasts around an hour and a half. Your sit down Wedding Breakfast meal and Speeches, follows the Drinks Reception.

What To Serve at The Drinks Reception

Your reception drinks should kick-start your wedding celebrations but if you serve very strong drinks to thirsty guests you may end up with some exceedingly tipsy guests a little too early in the proceedings!

You’ve put your heart and soul into selecting an amazing wedding breakfast menu, it’d be a shame if half your guests were too giddy to enjoy it. That’s why the classics work so well; a glass of bubbly, a nice fruity Pimms, a bottled beer, they take the edge off and help guests relax without getting them too inebriated!

Drinks to Accompany a Meal

Your Wedding Breakfast is a celebratory meal shared with your nearest and dearest. At all our our no corkage wedding venues you're welcome to supply your own drinks to accompany the meal. Most couples provide a selection of wines.

Guests will welcome a choice of red or white wine with their meal and you're very welcome to add some Rosé into the mix too. If you know that some of your wedding guests will prefer a beer with their meal, we're happy to serve this upon request.

Toast Drinks

Wedding speeches traditionally take place towards the end of your Wedding Breakfast when guests are relaxed and satiated, having enjoyed a fabulous meal and a drink or two.

Speakers will often propose a toast as part of their speech, so don't forget to provide a lovely glass of bubbly so your loved ones can raise a glass in our honour.

3 No Corkage Drinks Options

We'll chat through all our no corkage drinks options at your viewing of any of our no corkage wedding venues.

We know that supplying all your own daytime drinks doesn't work for everyone. We also give you the option to design your own Drinks Package or order your drinks through us on a Sale or Return basis.

However you choose to supply your wedding drinks, you won't pay any corkage and you’ll enjoy an unparalleled drinks service from our catering partners.