Wedding Supplier for:

Pendrell Hall, South Staffordshire,
The Ashes Barns, North Staffordshire,
The Mill Barns, Shropshire

About LifeIsArtVisuals

We're a small part in your Big Day capturing Cinematic Wedding Videos that tell YOUR story.


We're able to provide couples with artistic direction from more than just a videographers stand point. We have team members who are not only married themselves, but who actually got married at The Mill Barns. This has allowed us to understand how to approach a wedding day from all aspects. We understand that we're a small part of our couples day, and that we're there to capture their day, while blending in with the crowd.

Making Memories

Wedding Videography is unique. It's not very often you go to work knowing you're going to be surrounded by Fun, Love and Laughter from start to finish. We're allowed to capture people experiencing one of the best days of their lives, and this is a privilege we never take for granted.

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