Arch in a Box

Wedding Supplier for:

Foxtail Barns, Consall,
Pendrell Hall, South Staffordshire,
The Ashes Barns, North Staffordshire,
The Mill Barns, Shropshire

About Arch in a Box

We are arch in a box…can you guess where this all started?!
We decided we wanted to produce an easily constructed arch that we could deliver in one neat box. But, soon the flowers started trailing down the box sides, until there was a small floral explosion and now we dress entire wedding venues. From arches, to centrepieces, to Prosecco walls. You name it- we have it. And if we don’t have it- we will make it for you.

Even though our bases for our designs may be reused, each event, the flowers and foliage are added and designed to suit your individual event…so nothing is ever the same as the next person. We love seeing your ‘wedding inspo’ pictures and love bringing all your wedding Dreams to life.


Being a wife and husband partnership, we understand the importance of that special day and we make sure we live all our wedding Dreams vicariously through you each and every time…making sure it’s just as perfect as we would imagine for our own wedding day.

There’s no silly ideas and there’s nothing that we wouldn’t want to do for you! Just send us a message and we would be more than happy to help. We are happy to work with you in any which way you want, wether that be email or via phone…whichever way, we can sort out all those beautiful and important details.

Making Memories

Oh, and before you ask…yes, our floral arrangements are all the highest quality silk flowers. They may not be ‘real’ but the love and care that goes into each design definitely is!

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