Amy Taylor Imaging Photography

Wedding Supplier for:

Pendrell Hall, South Staffordshire,
The Mill Barns, Shropshire

About Amy Taylor Imaging Photography

I'm a wedding photographer with an eye for those special moments, documenting your day with a natural and understated style. I don't do awkward posing or tons of group shots and having been shooting weddings for the best part of a decade I still think cake cutting is just weird. I aim to capture the honest, fun, moving and meaningful moments that build the story of your wedding day.


I'm basically a photography ninja. A well below-average in the athletic department ninja. A ninja that you can occasionally see. A ninja that enjoys a nice cardigan. A ninja with a propensity for saying 'oooh sorry!' to inanimate objects if I bump into them.

Making Memories

I love people. You, your family, your friends. Whether your wedding day is just you and a couple of your closest and best. or a roaring dancefloor overflowing with noise and happiness, your guests are the beating heart of your wedding day.

"They are AMAZING. I literally cannot express in words how much they mean to us. Looking at them takes me right back into the moment. You have completely captured the essence of not only who we are but our relationships with our guests.
I never imagined they would be this fantastic. Thank you. You are truly a fabulous artist and I only wish we were getting married again so we could have more pictures! ..."

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