Wedding Party Roles


Wedding Party Roles

We can already imagine how excited all your loved ones are for the big day, with each of them likely wanting to get involved in one way or another. Deciding how to incorporate your close ones on your wedding day can be a little confusing at first. Ultimately, it is completely up to you how you want to do things, and there is no strict set of rules as to which role each person must play. However, we thought we would offer a few ideas on how your key players may want to get involved on the big day.

Pre-Wedding Preparations

On the morning of your wedding, you want to sit back and relax, with the knowledge that all your guests are kept smiling and heading in the right direction by your reliable Wedding Support Party. Who can you depend upon to turn up on time, with a smile on their face, ready to welcome your guests and support you in any way on your big day? These are the kind of people you each want closest to you throughout the whole day, and who you know you can rely on to help the event manager keep things running smoothly.

Many couples often choose their close friendship circles or siblings for this kind of support on their wedding, as they know they can trust them to take care of things as well as assisting with more personal tasks such as helping you into your wedding outfit. It is an important role to be given, while being an excellent opportunity to acknowledge special friendships by sharing some of the most magical moments with them, leaving no one feeling left out.

The Ceremony

Your ceremony is personal to you both, and however you wish to make your entrance down the aisle, and with whoever by your side, as long as you feel comfortable, that is all that matters. Some people feel best being accompanied by a loved one down the aisle, for a bit of moral support.

Many wedding couples like to honour their Wedding Support Party by having them also play a part in the order of ceremony, where you may wish for some of them to walk down the aisle prior to your entrance. For those of you who like to make a grand entrance, this is a wonderful way of building anticipation amongst your guests while they patiently await your arrival and wonder if you will be next.

If you choose to symbolise your marriage with rings, what better way to include one of the little ones in your life than as a ring bearer, closely followed by an adorable flower child who may sprinkle petals along the aisle. This is a lovely opportunity to get the younger guests involved and make them feel noticed on the day.

Wedding Breakfast & Speeches

Being announced into the Wedding Breakfast space as a newly married couple is a joyful and celebratory moment and that much more personal if you were to ask a loved one or friend to make the announcements on your day. This can be a bit of an intimidating task, however your event manager will always be nearby for guidance and to remind them what to say if required. This person could be anyone you wish, however someone with a more powerful voice might be preferable to effectively grab the attention of your family and friends.

After the meal is also when many couples choose to commence the speeches! The thought of public speaking is slightly unnerving for most people, but they can be as concise as you like and there’s no obligation for any particular person to give a speech. This is a wonderful opportunity for loved one to share some kind words and raise a toast to you both, leading perfectly into the commencement of the evening festivities.


At this point, usually most formalities have been concluded, and it is time for your first dance together as newly-weds. Of course, this isn’t a necessity, but it is a symbolic dance that represents the start of your new life, together. Whether you’ve planned a flamboyant extravaganza, a classic ballroom routine, or a simple slow dance as you romantically embrace each other on the dancefloor, it is useful to have one of your key players round up your family and friends and introduce this beautiful moment, while they capture some natural shots of you both (alternatively, you could always get the DJ or music supplier to make this announcement).

As we approach midnight, and the party comes to a close, we want to make sure that you all return home safely. It will be a massive worry off your shoulders if someone could ensure that pre-booked taxis have been put in place for your guests. Having a dependable member of your wedding party take care of this means you can escape to your romantic hideaway, comfortable in the knowledge that all your guests are heading off for a good night’s sleep

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