Redlock Photography

Wedding Supplier for:

Pendrell Hall, South Staffordshire,
The Ashes Barns, North Staffordshire,
The Mill Barns, Shropshire

About Redlock Photography

We are a husband and wife wedding photography team who specialise in relaxed and natural wedding photography. Our aim is to keep you relaxed, let us capture you day the best way we know, with a smile.


We're able to be in two places at the same time during the morning prep stages. People sometimes don't think about the groom getting ready, but that's all part of the story of your day. We offer full day coverage at no extra cost. Want us there from 8.30am until 10pm ? Not a problem, we only do one wedding a day and we're all yours! Oh, and there's no need to feed us either, we're fully grown adults that can bring along some sandwiches. Would you expect your "boss" to pay for your lunch?

Making Memories

We're a married couple who know what it's like to be nervous on your wedding day, and even now, after doing this for nearly a decade, I still get butterflies on the morning of a wedding as every single one is different from the last ! I always have in my camera bag an emergency sewing kit, box of buttons, box of hook and eyes, crochet hooks (for those pesky elastic loops on the back of dresses!) hair grips, iron on seams, scissors the list is huge and they have all come in useful over the past few years.

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