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The Ashes Barns, North Staffordshire

About Red on Blonde Photography

Hi! We're Hannah & Toby, a husband and wife photography team.
We're two time winners of the East Midlands Wedding Photographer of the Year award 2017 & 2018.

We tell your wedding story : the real moments; the love, the fun, the crazy, emotional stuff that happens when you get all your favourite people together & you get married. We capture fleeting moments that would otherwise be forgotten. We love photographs that will make you laugh or cry or remember a moment, maybe see something for the first time, even 10 years later.

We document your day as it unfolds. We don’t get in your way. We don’t steal you for hours. We follow the light and create beautiful, natural portraits. We’re always looking but you’ll forget that we’re there. We help you relax, we let you be you, we laugh a lot & we take awesome photos.


The two of us working together means two creative brains and a double-perspective of your day. We can split up in the morning and be sure to capture both sides of your wedding preparation and one of us will arrive nice and early to your ceremony, to capture guests arriving and all the anticipation . We are visual storytellers and for us it's all about your unique story as a couple. Every wedding, family and relationship is unique & every couple brings their own awesome. We don't forget this. We take time before the wedding to find out what makes you tick, what's really important to you on the day, what you're most looking forward to. We think about the photographs that will have real meaning for you, so we can give you a unique collection of memories that you'll truly love & be looking at many years from now.

Making Memories

"Hannah and Toby are not only exceptional photographers, with a phenomenal ability to turn your wedding day into a visual story book, but also two of the most fun, creative and interesting people to invite to share your wedding day. I really cannot praise them enough for the quality of their work and capturing moments that happen in a nanosecond." Eve + Andy

"Hannah and Toby were a joy to work with from start to finish. They took the time to understand what James and I wanted from our day and captured the story of the day perfectly - from the smallest details to the overall tone and mood. We absolutely loveour photos - when we look at them they remind us of all the best bits of our day as well as showing us moments we missed altogether! We couldn’t recommend them highly enough." Rosie + James

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