Andrew Billington Photography

Wedding Supplier for:

Foxtail Barns, Consall,
Pendrell Hall, South Staffordshire,
The Ashes Barns, North Staffordshire,
The Mill Barns, Shropshire

About Andrew Billington Photography

"Great photography for couples who don't want to pose!".

I'm an award winning candid documentary wedding photographer. My approach is about letting the day flow and telling the unique story of your wedding day in an interesting and creative way.

With all your family and friends gathered together in one place I always expect to take a few formal photographs but try to make this quick and enjoyable so that the wedding day can flow. I want you to spend your time with your guests enjoying the day, these are the photographs I love to take.


Every wedding I photograph is different. My approach is about reacting to what's is in front of me and not making people do 'weddingy' stuff - it's a wedding and will look like one. What's more it will look like YOUR wedding and I'll never be taking the same photographs again.

I like to photograph from the point of view of being a guest at your wedding so that when you look back on the photographs in years to come it triggers the memory and feelings of what it was like to be there. I want the emotions and the story of the day you’ve planned to leap out of the photographs and transport anyone seeing them back to that day.

Making Memories

"You are incredible - thank you so so so so much for capturing such vivid, animated, meaningful and perfect pictures."

"Absolutely speechless. We have watched the slideshow around 30 times over now and paused at every single incredible photo."

"Phroahhhhhhh! What photos!"

"We are both thrilled with all the photos. They are a testament to your talent! All such natural moments captured beautifully. Your editing is also perfect!"

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